Medicinal Mushrooms – Expert by Experience: Dennis van Miltenburg

The medicinal mushrooms experience

Medicinal mushrooms and fungi have been used in diets of different cultures for centuries. Mushrooms are billions of years old, some much older than us. Some studies even indicate that we have developed from fungi (fungi). These organisms are more intelligent than we think, and there is quite some scientific data that supports this. For me, these mushrooms feel in a way like wise ancestors, who can heal many physical complaints in our bodies. For me, some medicinal mushrooms have the same effect as a cup of green tea, a multivitamin tablet, or an immune system booster. The powdered mushrooms make it easy for me to make delicious teas, or to mix with my breakfast. Of all the potions, supplements, and Superfoods I have used, these have a permanent spot in my kitchen.

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The Holistic Movement approach

I am a Holistic Trainer and Coach and I offer individual sessions and workshops for groups to help people deal better with what’s going on inside of them. I also provide courses to teach others my holistic coaching method. I developed the Holistic Movement method, this is a therapeutic movement technique, that focuses on healing the inside as well as the outside. With the aim, that the body, mind, and emotions can begin to start functioning more harmoniously. This method is about releasing and expressing mental and emotional blockages through physical movement and awareness through which permanent healing takes place. Life is about development and progress. We are here to learn and to integrate life lessons, and as long as we don’t do this, we will stay in a state of imbalance.

My mission is to make everyone healthier, happier, and more aware of their own power. Health for the body, happiness for the mind, and consciousness for the soul is fundamental to this. I want to stimulate inner healing through the movement of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects that make you who you are. The mental / emotional aspect consists of the connection and integration of body and mind.

Inner experience

Mushroom supplements have a powerful effect on body and mind. They provide healing in both areas and are, therefore, a perfect addition to my work. Each session, I offer my clients a cup of tea with Chaga, Lion’s mane, or Reishi. In my personal life, I have made many shamanic journeys, including ceremonies with ayahuasca or psychedelic mushrooms. The method that I apply to my clients is largely based on the journeys I have made in myself during these ceremonies. The intelligence of these natural substances has assisted me in returning safely and structured to my unconscious patterns, my fears, and my traumas. The effects of these trips were phenomenally illuminating and healing. My health and inner balance is, therefore, partly the result of external natural substances that have helped me dig deeper into my own subconscious mind, and I contribute this knowledge and experience to my clients.

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